A Physi-Tual embarking tale!

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The full story 

About A.M.C: Austin Maleik Collings: Author, artist, lucid dreaming enthusiast, and CEO of AMC Publishers / Physi-Tual genre capital global group Ltd.

As a young nine-year-old child, I have always drawn spiritual expressed artwork pieces, always trying to articulate the miraculous spiritual side in the best-detailed manner, not only for myself to enjoy in great connecting concept with the physical perception, but for others to enjoy & truly see a world wonder of entertainment in my outlined vast spiritual arts, & until I reached the point of adult age, I discovered another love in art, by writing with deep symbolized words to bring out the far deeper miraculous spiritual far more revealing than most, a beyond love for writing where each of my gestures to provide in words will surely display its true defining colors, well past solely a physical explanation of a limited lesser concept. 

​The beyond spiritual more presentable information, I now have to provide for all through this arts warehouse of physical/spiritual more enjoyable entertainment, I can keep to a brand for the world to enjoy in authenticity or even create their own Physi-Tual entertainment piece, all from the content provided in my 1st Physi-Tual textbook/novel, easily for any to be authorizable on request to create another entertainment piece in this specific genre, & have it distributed in the Physi-Tual entertainments of arts warehouse, globally to be supplied first hand to intrigued retailers who see potential in this growing era essentially in a separate category. 

​For me, in this mysterious entertainment business, it is already a magical thrill for me to express my Physi-Tual content, as my spiritual side of gathered research can articulate it out physically through art, so many can see & feel the extent of spiritual gathered articulation I have in evidence, all to bring great entertainment before the senses of the world, and even happily create a win situation for all, as we grow great with more supernatural entertainment pieces that we all can sell together here, as I have the Physi-Tual genre & officialized it as a brand & global company, so everyone can be a part and branch off from this Physi-Tual Capital business.​

The beginning point of a global entertainments of arts business

Physi-Tual Capital is a global marketplace specific to the capital brand production and supplying of entertainment in the new trademarked Physi-Tual genre, (trademarked in February 2021). We provide very high-quality entertaining arts in representation of the deeply entertaining supernatural world, in the best fitting physical scope of understanding for all physically perceivable viewers of the world to read or look upon, & be spirituality fulfilled with entertainment past a physical enjoyment. Studies about the subconscious & conscious mind in unique representative language with each other, we have mainly researched upon to bring forth in our abstract reasoned arts, a far greater stimulating effect of vast supernatural entertainment to the recognizing conscious mind, that receives small activity from the subconscious mind while awake. All our current & upcoming arts are set for market price for intrigued entertainment retailers, art collectors, & gallery owners to purchase in reasonable wholesale prices, so they may distribute & supply in their own chosen location, in the separate Physi-Tual genre category, (once licensed), branching off our Physi-Tual entertainments of arts warehouse, to be their very own Physi-Tual entertainment retail outlet. For one to have licensed authority to supply & distribute Physi-Tual genre entertainments, this only requires a free authorization service from us of sending you a bookshelf, art category, or entertainment category agreement form, from your specific Physi-Tual entertainment requested retail license. A royalty is required and is scheduled to be in place after each starting piece of art is sold, and after all publications following the 1st Physi-Tual genre textbook/novel. Once the form is signed by the potential retail owner and signed from Physi-Tual Capital, then documented by trademark owner Austin M. Collings, the license is active. Publishing & professional editing services we provide as well for all upcoming Physi-Tual genre entertainments to be distributed from each unique formed category.

In our entertainments of arts warehouse any intrigued buyer, collector, entertainment retailer etc. may:

  • Purchase their set number of arts & begin to sell at their chosen retail price anywhere across the globe, with simply a Physi-Tual genre retail license they may receive within approximately 24 hours after a 1-hour discussion, to approve retail qualification in their chosen location, (online outlets may stand on their own).    


  • Cut the middleman out by purchasing 1st hand from the artist, trademark owner & business owner himself: Austin Maleik Collings.


  • Purchase an art piece for themselves to help grow the Physi-Tual era of entertainment before all senses…


We currently have 3 global distribution fulfillment partner centers, that can fulfill orders on demand from when a customer wants an item sent to them directly in any country in the world, all within 2-3 business days maximum shipping time, except for our hardcover & paperback books, that ships within 3-5 days, fulfilled by our book print distribution partner: thebookpatch. Our 2 distribution partners handling the global distribution of our Physi-Tual art & products, is Pixels Merch & Printify, both handling printing, framing, matting, packaging, & shipping. Each product is manufactured in one of their 15+ global production facilities & delivered ‘’ready-to-hang” with a 30-day money-back guarantee.