Reviews for the 1st Physi-Tual genre novel,
containing two informationally similar parts, one information novel section and one story novel section: 

                                                   Part 1
Insights to the spiritual world
                                                  & interactions with the physical

                                             Part 2: The spiritual capture
                                        THE WORLDS COMBINE

                                  By Austin M. Collings; illus. by Austin M. Collings
                                            Review 1 of 10 by The Praries Book Review

cover page (soft)_edited.jpg

                                        "Collings offers insights about spirituality and the way it                                            can transform the lives of people in his latest. Divided                                              into two parts, the book covers the basics of spirituality, the omnipresent versus worldly powers, and soul as an entity in the first section while the second part tells the story of a young man’s journey to enlightenment. An orphan at birth, Hasuse is just an ordinary man until he gains spiritual enlightenment about the existence of a single power higher than humans. But Grantos, the powerful ruler, with a brutal army at his service, has no intention to let people be aware of the existence of a power greater than his own egotistic self.

Hasuse is arrested and sent to prison, and Grantos set on a journey to kill the other enlightened ones, who might have knowledge about the existence of a higher power. Hasuse must escape and find a way to share his knowledge or risk dying in prison while the land is destroyed under Grantos’s evil reign.

Collings offers a comprehensive overview of the seemingly baffling and yet accessible world of spirituality, offering answers to many questions such as how to go beyond the limitations of body and mind to accomplish a higher plane of consciousness and mindfulness; Is soul a separate entity that can work on its own among others. Hasuse’s story shows how spiritual power can aid a person make a dynamic contribution to help the world evolve. This insightful look at how one can use spiritual power to help heal and transform will appeal to lovers of Mind-Body-Spirit literature."

''An insightful, informative guide to spirituality…''

- The Prairies Book Review

Yoga at Home

Original logo for Physi-Tual genre novel, Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE.

This logo was created to symbolize the potrayal of one not only reading the novels content with two physical eyes, but a metaphoric spiritual third one, as the content outlines beyond physical limited stories in other interacted worlds of wordless factor, but subconsciously interacted supernaturally through symbolized spiritual messages, in a physical manifested form.

Finally trademarked in Febuary 2021, along with the genre this mysterious novel logo was 1st symbolically linked to, brought along at that set point, a unique and simple formed physical outlook on what the reader of a Physi-Tual genre book will metaphorically read from to benefit as well, but in an evolved manner of course. 

Beyond physical entertainment is what gives this man the light enchanted smirk as he simply rests his body, fully aware both subcosciously and consciously, which gives him his chosen depiction of a look just so vastly reveiling from the subconscious to conscious neural track of him. 

Larger than a lively logo

Original cover page for Part 1:Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical. Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE

                                    Review 2 of 10 by Grace Masso for                                            Readers 'Favorite: 5/5 stars


                                ''This is not your run-of-the-mill kind of                                    book on New Age spirituality but a compelling read that establishes the connection between the physical and the spiritual world. The author writes in a unique manner and shares experiences that illustrate how readers can access a new consciousness... This compelling book entertains readers and introduces a concept that will be new to many, something the author calls Physi-Tual, which is construed as a mix of the spiritual and the physical. This book is more than inspiring; it is a thought-provoking book that presents powerful lessons to consider and stories that are intended to awaken the spiritual world of the reader. The writing is simple and engaging; the voice is confident and original..."

More from Readers 'Favorite 

Review 4 of 10 by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’Favorite: 5/5 stars

''While most authors have a tendency to separate the physical from the spiritual, often presenting them as two distinct realms, Collings demonstrates the coexistence between the two realities in this book and shows readers how to appreciate spiritual depth within the context of a physical, human experience. The book features a strong neologism that has a unique significance in the writing... In this book, readers will understand out-of-body experiences which take place in their sleep... a strong perception of human nature in its re-arranged form, and a lot more... While it is a book about a seemingly complex topic, it is written in excellent prose and in a conversational style... Insights to the Spiritual World and Interactions with the Physical is an inspiring, informative guide to understanding and recreating the link between the spiritual and the physical. It is packed with wisdom and written with clarity.''


Review 3 of 10 by Jose Cornelio for Readers 'Favorite: 5/5 stars.

"A form that is deceptively simple and carefully outlined. Each thought is profoundly explored and the simplicity makes the complex concepts accessible to ordinary readers. An inspiring and thought-provoking book, indeed."

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Review 5 of 10 by Ruffina Oserio, for Readers 'Favorite 5/5 stars

''Austin Maleik Collings’ prose is strong and the vocabulary and phraseology atypical.  The author uses personal experiences to illustrate his arguments, exploring supernatural phenomena like out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming. There are characters in the book that are very symbolic and the use of allegory gives the work even greater depth when it comes to meaning and interpretation of concepts. This is a book with a strong appeal to readers who want to understand the world within and around them. The author lifts the veil of mystery and reveals a power that is accessible to readers. The chapters are short, each focusing on a specific topic. The writing is concise and thought-provoking, but it is filled with light and inspiration.''

Final cover page for Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world & interactions with the physi


Original cover art done by the author & artist himself, accurately sketched in spiritual to physical symbolized order, to display not only a great representation of the Physi-Tual genre, but a thourough and suspensful enough grasping entertaining outlined symbolization of the interacted supernatural, on simply the coverpage.


Signiture for book_edited_edited.jpg

Hard and soft coverpage done as well by the author himself. This unique cover page, created authentically similar to the original cover art drawing sketched in 2019, then published with the novels content in March 2021 for a hard and soft cover copy, is fundamentally as well the predominant Physi-Tual genre display, although this section is a textbook, as linked to Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical.  

Full articulated from pencil to pad

Review 6 of 10 by MajorE from  4 out of 4 stars

"Reading this book was a unique experience. The author did not use the conventional writing style of most books. He spoke about different topics in the first part, which served as an eye-opener to enable readers to understand the second part better. These topics seemed complex, but as the reader goes on, he/she begins to understand the true meaning of the author’s idea.

What I liked most about the book was how it exposed my imaginations to greater dimensions, drawing cognizance to the interactions between the physical and spiritual worlds. I must commend the author for coming out with such unconventional ideas that converged to make an enjoyable piece. Another aspect of this book I like is the characterization. And my favorite character was Hasuse because of his resilience and positive approach to life.

I believe the book was exceptionally edited, and I happily rate it 4 out of 4 stars... I will recommend this piece to people with mature minds and those interested in books about spirituality."


Publishing logo 1st choice (shade).png

All aspects of the written and labelling content of Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical. Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE, has been supernaturally symbolized, as really all other publishing logos wont exactly fit right with this genre of beyond physical hearing and seeing mystery. 

Displayed in many angles 

"Over the course of the book, Collings establishes what spiritual power is and how one may utilize it to beneficent ends; with the power of spirituality, readers can transform the way they live and connect with the world around them. He skillfully contrasts spiritual and physical power, introducing readers to discovery of their hidden spiritual capacities, how they work, and the myriad ways spirituality manifests. Projecting spirituality in a new light, Collings reveals the way it can transform the lives of people, bringing peace and happiness in its wake. This unique exploration of spirituality is full of practical insights and information and will help those seeking to understand spirituality and its numerous aspects."

- BookView Review                                               
   Review 7 of 10

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Review 8 of 10 by Literary Titan 


''Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is an intriguing book... The author writes in detail, capturing all the important information that the reader may want to learn about. Reading this book was a pleasant experience. Austin Maleik Collings gets one to think beyond the world we live in. Each page has something unique...Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book every human being should read because it enables one to understand complex subjects like the spiritual world... and our existence... While reading, you get to realize that the author writes hoping to engage with readers of all kinds. The diction in the book is excellent... The author’s inclusion of tales is a fun concept... Getting to learn about the earth, the spiritual side and the physical side was a delight. The ending of the book leaves readers in suspense, which was a great concept as it gets every avid reader to think of possible scenarios that would follow while digesting the content of the book...  

Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book that you read on a quiet afternoon when you are relaxing.''

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Book breakdown, benefits, and reccomendations 

Review 9 of 10 by Vincent Dublado, from Readers 'Favorite

''Austin Maleik Collings' work is an astounding feat that stems from passion and the love of storytelling. As the title suggests, this work is divided into two parts: The first part deals with his insights on our physical and spiritual selves that give rise to a new genre that he calls Physi-Tual. The second part is profound that I read with great interest for its well-fleshed-out characters such as Hasuse, Cristos, and Grantos... I found this work to be an interesting read, and Collings’ insight into the world of lucid dreaming is an added bonus.''

Review 10 of 10 by Seroney, from

​"I loved most the thought-provoking capacity of Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical. Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE. by Austin Maleik Collings. While devouring the book, I tried to recall times when I experienced lucid dreams... Somehow, the book addressed my concerns. I found the communication concept between supernatural beings intriguing. I also appreciated the author’s remarkable ability to describe the two worlds. It made me realize that the subconscious mind wields a lot of powers.

​I recommend this book to anyone interested to find out about the spiritual word entities. Those who love thought-provoking novels will also love it."