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Added interest from even skeptical viewers, from the addition of our 1st Physi-Tual genre textbook/novel to a separate    shelf.


Place it in your new shelf today, it's an ad in itself!



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Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world & interactions with the physical. Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE.png
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"This Physi-Tual genre formed market shelf, is the physical link for all to connect a grasping sense to the beyond supernatural." 

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         All copies here will include:
- original print copy of cover art
original print copy of Logo
- Author / artists signature   

- Pg count for Ebook: approx. 387pgs 
- Pg count for Paperback & Hard copy: 682pgs at 5.5" x 8.5" trim size


Paperback copy: (retail price listed) 

 All copies here are available for all book store owners, & librarians for 20% off original retail price.

1) Simply register as a member in the login section & send us your request in detail. 

2) Once received we can then look over your company profile, to ensure we provide you with our exclusive genre market book deal, (book & Physi-Tual genre retail authorization) 


3) Within approximately 12 hours you will receive your 20% off original retail price package, with genre authorization to sell upcoming books in the trademarked Physi-Tual genre.