What forms of payment do you accept?


When will I get my order and how does the whole process exactly work?


How much are your global shipping rates?


Do you provide returns?


Do you provide whole sale prices at negotiated prices on my behalf or anothers company?

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2. Orders purchased will automatically send the money linked to a confirmation purchase number to our printing and shipping parners: ''Printify'' & "Fineartamerica". Once the confirmation purchase number is confirmed and the money is received the printing begins, and the product you purchased will be shipped directly to you from there.


- Global shipping time: 2-3 business days



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Container Ship

3. - Shipping costs range from: $8.50-$10.50

4. We do returns, and all products               

must be in proper condition.                          Instructions for returns.

                                                                                          - Go to contact page

                                                                                          - report the issue in detail

                                                                                          - ship package to 933 jack lake road, in       

                                                                                           Canada, Apsley On, P.O. box 687 

                                                                                          - once package is received on our                                                                                                                     end, the full refund is sent to you 

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5. Yes we do.


Our brand and business has been trademarked and officiallised to have full financial control over comercial prices on all our products and services, this we take great care in to give the best considerable market prices we can on all our Physi-Tual products now and furthermore into the future. 

To this we as well provide gift shopping discounts on request to the Physi-Tual Cap owner: Austin M. Collings, author and artist of all products in this Physi-Tual Cap branded warehouse.                                                       

                                                                                                     See contact info 


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Physi-TualCap payment methods.png
Physi-TualCap payment methods.png
Physi-TualCap payment methods.png

Point of sales (POS) Purchase


We provide gift shopping discounts for the globe, and we have sure good gifts to cause shock and suprise in ones' sight to these world wondrous products.